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Notepad, Notebook or Laptop – What Is Better for Note-Taking?
It is impossible to imagine learning without notes. However, each student has his or her own way of taking notes. Some students write everything down in one notepad, others have...
What Will Change in Your Life After Becoming a Student?
Congratulations – you have been enrolled in a study programme (we hope the desired one)! On 1 October, a new era begins in your life – you become students. Over...
Can a Student in Slovenia Combine Work and Studies?
Slovenia is one of the few European countries where a foreign student can be officially employed. This becomes possible thanks to the “Student Services” organization...
Slovenia Is the Richest Among the Former Socialist Countries
Slovenia is the richest country of the former communist block being ahead of the Czech Republic and Estonia, but at the same time significantly lagging behind its northern...
Student discounts and bonuses
Students in Slovenia are in no hurry to part with their student status. It is pretty obvious since the student status has many privileges. Firstly, these are surely huge...
Student Accommodation in Slovenia. Student dormitories in Slovenia.
Each student coming to Slovenia has to face the challenge of searching for student accommodation. We have to be guided by several parameters: cost, distance from the faculty...
The Dual Number in the Slovenian Language — Practical Feature or Complicated Nonsense?
The dual number is not a very complicated, but rather provocative part of the Slovenian language grammar. At the conclusion of marriage, the civil registry office workers often...
Receiving a Residence Permit in Slovenia for a Foreign Student? – No Problem!
Every year, thousands of foreign students enter universities and colleges in Slovenia. The number of arrivals is constantly growing. A high level of education and comfortable...
33 Things that Surprise Foreigners in Slovenia
Slovenia is a land with pure air, clean rivers and excellent food. It is a country with amazing ecology. Coming to Slovenia, a foreigner thinks he is in paradise, a...
Tips for balancing study and entertainment
Student life includes much more than mere studies. It’s time to make new friends, travel, and have remarkable parties. The latter is also desirable for almost all...
Why you Should Choose the University of Maribor
Maribor is a city adorned with 7 bridges, the calm and green Drava River, and streets without excessive noise, even during the rush hour. Maribor is the administrative center of...
Useful links for future students
We are always trying to provide you with the most useful and proven information to make your path to free education in Slovenia easier and more enjoyable. We will certainly...
Recommendations to Parents: Studying in Slovenia is the Right Choice for Your Future Students
Accessible tuition fees abroad can often sound like science fiction to us because the decision to study abroad falls not only on future students but mostly on their parents. Where...
Everything you need to know about the “ECTS” scoring system
The points system, better known as ECTS, is a description of your future academic education expressed in numbers. It is a systematic description that is obtained by assigning a...
Why Pursue a Master’s Degree?
If you want to improve your knowledge in a certain field or topic, then master’s degree studies are the right choice for you. In addition, master’s studies improve your...
A shortcut to secure employment and good earnings in Slovenia
All roads to a good job, among other things, lead through school. When it comes to employment this particularly applies to higher educational institutions in Slovenia, where a...
Slovenian colleges: who goes there more often?
On the territory of Slovenia, there are 47 colleges, in which 29 study programmes are represented. Each year, more than 10,000 applicants, including citizens of other states,...

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