Slovenia is one of the few European countries where a foreign student can be officially employed. This becomes possible thanks to the “Student Services” organization (Študentski servis), which is actually acting as a labour exchange and tax agency for students. The organization is responsible for issuing “job referrals”, issuing invoices to employers, conducting payments, etc. The whole work experience of students and their full salaries (most often this is an hourly rate rather than a monthly payment) pass through the Student Service.

This is the only way for foreign students in Slovenia to find job in the country without losing their student status and all related privileges.

The website for students is the primary information resource. However, the majority of universities and colleges have their own career centres (karierni centri). Often it is more logical to apply there for help. Here are some useful links:

  1. Career Centre of the University of Ljubljana.
  2. Career Centre of the University of Maribor.
  3. Career Centre of the University of Nova Gorica.

How to find a job in Slovenia?

Despite the fact that the Student Service daily updates the list of vacancies, students should not be limited only to this resource and career centres. You can actually find any employer (including abroad) in Slovenia. Afterwards, you will only need to register in the Student Service as a working student. If the employing company has not been yet added to the common database, the Service staff will enter this company into the register, and a student will be given a “napotnica” — a job referral intended directly for this company. The Student Service will also deal with all other issues concerning the tax liabilities of an employer and an applicant and the solving of any possible situations.

In addition to the above-mentioned organizations and company websites, there are several large sites for job search:


Also, do not neglect the social networks, such as LinkedInFacebook, and others. There are even groups to search in the Russian-speaking community.

Is it easy to find a job in Slovenia?

No, it isn’t. The fact is that when choosing a candidate, the preference is given first to the Slovenes, then to the citizens of the EU, and only then to all the rest. Of course, you need to have excellent knowledge of the Slovenian and/or (at first) English languages. In most cases, there are privileges for those who already live in Slovenia on a permanent basis, as in this case, the employer will not have to deal with the documents required for an applicant to obtain a work permit.

These candidates are the students who have a residence permit in Slovenia issued on education basis. The student status does not depend on the full-time or the part-time study mode, the level of education, and the category of educational institution (secondary vocational or higher). It is important that the main purpose of your stay in Slovenia is studying.

The speed of finding job depends directly on the demand for the specialization of a jobseeker. The preference is also given to the candidates who besides Slovenian and/or English also have a good command of Italian or German. Of course, the availability of a Slovenian or any other European university or college diploma significantly increases the applicant’s chances when applying for a job in Slovenia or any other European country.

Employers may also enquire whether a student possesses an international experience (student exchange programs, abroad internship programs, studying on an international program, membership in one of the student organizations) and is able to work in a team. In this case, we are talking not about a job in the service sector, but about the professional development of the candidate as a specialist. Jobseekers should consider this fact when organizing their extracurricular leisure.

What are the average wages in Slovenia for students?

The salary amount depends on the applicant’s skills, the scope of activity and the number of hours that a student is ready to work. In the capital, an average student’s salary after tax is between 350 and 500 euros, which makes life much easier in Europe. The sum of 350 euros is enough to rent a dorm room plus utilities, plus phone costs, plus travel expenses, plus the Internet costs, and still to shop and have a cup of coffee. Taking into account the student discounts on food, 500 euros is a sum sufficient for living in Slovenia.

Do not forget that the experience gained during the cooperation with the Student Service shall be included to your length of service. Besides, students can find jobs not only in Slovenia, but also abroad.

Is it difficult to study and work at the same time?

It all depends on how well students know how to organize their time. Learning in Slovenia is not easy because students have to pay much time to self-education. However, it is possible to combine work and study if to plan properly your daily routine. The 2TM Company prepared a list of interviews with students, so that you could have an idea of the student’s life in Slovenia. With the same purpose, the Company recommends that you read the Student’s Blog, which also provides basic information on education in Slovenia, life notes, discussions between blog members, and much more.

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