Student life includes much more than mere studies. It’s time to make new friends, travel, and have remarkable parties. The latter is also desirable for almost all students, and sometimes it isn’t easy to find a balance between study, entertainment, and career. Follow the tips below and organize your time not to be deprived of any of the above.

1. Organize your day.

If you thought you were getting rid of schedules forever by graduating from high school, you’re sadly mistaken. Although the schedules at higher education institutions are not so strict and you don’t need an apology letter for absence from your parents, we still recommend attending classes and practicals as much as possible. Take the time to review which courses you need to follow, write down your schedule, and include the time you need for homework and studying at home. Set an hour for waking up each day and remember to include your schedule’s extracurricular activities. Be strict and stick to what is written.

2. Set priorities.

No matter how tempting parties can be, it’s certainly not wise to attend them one day before exams. It’s crucial to set your priorities – a list of the essential things that week and that you should not forget (eg, make notes, read a book, conclude an essay, etc.). Plan all exams and tests and start preparing on time. Write down all the ideas on a piece of paper, which helps many people to achieve their goals.

3. Think with a sober head.

No matter how you put together your schedule, keep in mind that a day has only 24 hours and that you can’t do all things in one day. Even if your plan works out as far as time is concerned, be aware that your body also needs rest. Don’t be too strict with yourself and load just as much as you really can do each day, and be sure to give yourself some time to relax. It is essential to take good care of your health, strengthen your immune system, exercise regularly, drink enough water, and get enough sleep.

4. Keep the unexpected in mind.

Life is full of surprises, and believe me, these will also appear in your schedule. No matter how you plan your week, keep in mind the unexpected tasks – they can overthrow your plans. It includes everything from a possible bicycle repair, unexpected school obligations, to a drink with a friend that spontaneously invited you. Following the advice will save you a lot of stress and worries.

Eva Demshar

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