It is impossible to imagine learning without notes. However, each student has his or her own way of taking notes. Some students write everything down in one notepad, others have separate notebooks for each subject, while some students prefer a tablet or a laptop to keep notes. With such an abundance of opportunities, it is easy to get confused, especially if you have just entered the first year of studies. This article tells about the pros and cons of each option.



One of the main advantages of the notepad is that you have everything written down in one place. Wherever you are, there is no need to worry — all the necessary information on this or that subject is always at hand. The main thing in this case is to sort the material according to different subjects, to enter the key data into a notepad. Thus, you will not need to search in despair for the necessary notebook making a mess on your writing desk.


You probably have a lot of subjects and all the more material on them, which means that the notebook will soon run out of space, and it will be burdensome to carry it with you all the time. You will need to start a new notepad, a notebook, or use clean sheets of paper, which then should be put in a folder.



The fact that you have a separate notebook for each subject indicates that you were raised by an organized person. You know what subjects you have tomorrow, conscientiously do your homework and generally fulfil your obligations consistently and diligently. If you decide to take home three notebooks after a week of studies to revise the material, you are most likely to do so.


A notebook is not the best option for a forgetful person, for those who do not attend lectures regularly, as well as for those who do not like to carry excess weight in their bag or backpack.



Be that as it may, the laptop is the most cross functional way out. Everything is stored in one place and you can record every word of the teacher, because typing is much faster than writing by hand. Typing is also useful in cases where the teacher quickly moves from one topic to another, because you can go back and add additional information with a single mouse click. You can also send an abstract to your classmate by e-mail, and just before the session, simply print out the necessary notes and have everything at hand.


If you spend too much time in front of a laptop screen, this is not the best solution. In addition, when typing you remember less than when writing by hand. Besides, during long lectures, your laptop may simply run out of battery if you are not sitting near a power outlet. In this case, it is useful to have at hand several blank sheets of paper, on which you can write down the necessary information.

We wish you to choose the best option for yourself and receive maximum of the useful knowledge!


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