All roads to a good job, among other things, lead through school. When it comes to employment this particularly applies to higher educational institutions in Slovenia, where a large number of students are already employed during their studies.

If your expectations from your studies are directed towards the fastest possible employment and income stream, and if you are looking for free study abroad – higher education in Slovenia may be the right solution that unites all your wishes.

In the following lines, we try to bring this type of education closer to you and provide as much useful information as possible.

General information

Higher schools in Slovenia correspond to a large extent to educational institutions of the same profile in the countries of the region. Education at Higher Vocational Colleges is available to all students after completing high school or secondary vocational school. A great advantage of the Higher Schools in Slovenia is that the curriculum is focused on the development of practical skills from the first lecture onward. Therefore, from the very beginning, the emphasis is placed on the professional training of students so that they can replace their school desk with a job immediately after graduation.

How long does higher vocational school last and the possibility of continuing education

Higher education in Slovenia ( lasts 2 years and ends with the defense of a diploma thesis. The good thing is that after finishing the higher vocational school, you have the option to continue your education at one of the faculties if your priorities change during your studies and if there exists an option of supplemented study obligations (differential exams).

The most popular study programs

The representation of programs ( at higher educational institutions in Slovenia best corresponds to the demand on the labor market. We can say that the most popular study programs are the ones that provide the most personnel in professions that are in short supply. Currently, most state schools offer programs in the field of mechanical engineering and production technology, as well as in the field of services. In the private sector, the situation is somewhat different – most programs are offered in the fields of social sciences, economics and administration.

Practical teaching ensures employment

The curriculum at Higher Vocational Colleges in Slovenia includes as much as 40% practical teaching. So more and more schools have some form of cooperation with local firms and companies where students get paid professional practice. When we convert percentages into hours, this means that as a student you will complete 400 hours of practice each academic year. In addition to gaining valuable experience, you have a great chance to stay in the company where you did your internship after graduation.

Bachelor’s degree

A diploma obtained at higher educational institutions in Slovenia is recognized throughout the EU. When you defend your thesis, your diploma will not only be your visa for Slovenian companies, but also for the whole of Europe. You will become an equal candidate on the European labor market, where the opportunities for employment are even greater.

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