Congratulations – you have been enrolled in a study programme (we hope the desired one)! On 1 October, a new era begins in your life – you become students. Over the next few years, you will mature rapidly, acquire new knowledge, and develop yourself as a person. Everything will be different than it was before when you studied at school. What are the main changes that will begin to happen in your life starting from this day?

1. New Living Environment

This is especially true for those who had to leave their home and go to study in another city or even country. The measured life rhythm of your hometown will be replaced by a new environment, in which all and everything is in a hurry. You will have to get used to life in a new city, to its rhythm and regimen.

2. Independence

This is an obvious consequence of living separately from parents. From now on, you will have to take care of yourself on your own – to cook, to clean your apartment, to solve a lot of domestic and business issues. On the other hand, you will be able to plan your schedule and do what brings you joy at a time convenient for you.

3. Student Leisure

There is no point in denying that students do not live by studying alone – it has always been like that and that’s how it is now. Sometimes it will happen that you will go to classes in the morning immediately after a late party. However, these are the impressions that make the student years unforgettable.

4. New Acquaintances (and Knowledge)

In the process of studying, you will meet a huge number of people: groupmates, teachers, roommates in your dormitory, to say nothing of random acquaintances and friends on social networks. Remember – when communicating with people, receiving information, expanding your horizons, it is important to be yourself and remain faithful to your principles.

5. Improvement of Communication Skills

While studying at your faculty, you will overcome the fear of communicating with strangers. After all, if you want to study successfully and spend your student years interestingly, you will have to learn how to find a common language with new people, to be able to listen to your interlocutors and evoke interest in them. By the way, these skills will later come in handy during an interview with your future employer, when you will need to convince him or her of your advantages.

6. Responsibility

In your student years, temptations will lie in wait for you at every step. By analysing your own and others’ mistakes and difficulties, you will realise that a responsible attitude to yourself and your studies is the key to your well-being both now and in the future. It is especially important to understand this issue, taking into account the fact that your parents are far away and cannot control you as before.

7. New Experience for Future CV

For many people, student years are an opportunity to gain work experience. You will have a lot of options for part-time work depending on your interests, inclinations and the availability of free time. Work will not only help you earn some money and gain professional and life experience, but also make useful contacts that can play a key role in your future career.

8. Friends for Life Time

Among many people, you will meet those who have similar mindset and ideas about life, share similar values, have similar passions and can bring something new to your life. These are people with whom you will exchange notes, go to parties and laugh to tears in between lectures. It is quite possible that your friendship will last not only during the student years but also through your whole life.


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