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If you want to live and study in Slovenia – we will lead you to your goal

A significant advantage when choosing Slovenia as a country for your education is that most of the programs do not require entrance exams. Students are enrolled on the basis of the average score of their final exams. The only exceptions are some highly specialized programs where you need to pass an aptitude test in order to be admitted.

Benefits of studying in Slovenia

European diploma recognized by the EU and the US

Studying in Slovenian or English

Education with a focus on practical training

Job opportunities for students (up to 40 hours/week)

Admission without exams to most faculties

Free education

Opportunity to enroll immediately after high school

Student discounts

Higher education institutions in Slovenia are

6 universities

49 colleges

38 autonomous institutions of
higher education

over 1500

study programs

With us your enrollment is guaranteed

We have helped more than 1,000 students from different countries choose a specialty and enter universities.
Together we will analyze your possibilities of admission, select study programs and a university, prepare and submit the necessary documents, and enroll you in your studies; on the basis of studies we will also help you obtain a residence permit.

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we have been working
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specialists in European


students successfully
enrolled in colleges
and universities


students who have completed
our language

Working with us you get

up-to-date information on admission to universities in Europe

guaranteed admission to the program chosen with 2TM

full support throughout the admission process

support in obtaining a residence permit

attentive attitude to each client

Stages of working with us

Together we choose an educational institution and a program

We evaluate the chances of admission

We submit applications and documents to selected universities

We organize a language course

We solve administrative issues and simplify
the enrollment process as much as possible


Aleksandra Sipkovska

Why did you decide to study in Slovenia?
Because Slovenia offers numerous benefits for students and many opportunities for postgraduate studies and further success in finding a job.
What is your experience with studies in Slovenia so far?
For now I am satisfied with the curriculum, the attitude towards students, the students’ engagement in lectures, debates and student organizations.

Do you study in English or Slovenian? What language difficulties do you encounter while studying?
I study in Slovenian and just studying in a foreign language is a challenge.
Would you recommend 2TM, why?
I would recommend 2TM for the correct attitude towards clients, for the tips and information useful to each student and for the help in enrolment.

Mirna Hindić

I would recommend their team to all future students, primarily for giving advice and seeing the best possible chances for successful enrollment in the desired faculty. Also, all the information and answers to the questions were delivered at the right time which means a lot to the students in uncertainty. Warm recommendations.

I am writing to you because of my experience with the 2TM team, which was positive until the very end, filled with support. My name is Mirna Hindić, I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina and I will study microbiology at the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana. I met the 2TM agency for the first time through an internet ad, and given the sense of security they gave from the first moment, I made the decision to collaborate.

Milena Mladenović

Why have you decided to study in Slovenia?
A few years ago, for several reasons, I planned to enrol in a Master’s degree programme outside of Serbia. However, due to the work, which took me a lot of time, I could not pay attention to the process of selection and admission to study programmes of my interest.

My sister once told me about 2TM and its activities. Having learned about the quality of 2TM services, I realised that cooperation with this company could be the best solution to my problem. Besides, solid reputation of the Slovenian education system and the possibility of enrolment with the help of an intermediary turned out to be decisive for my choice to study in this country.

What is your current student experience in Slovenia?
After the first six months of studies in Slovenia, I can say that the content of the study programme and the faculty structure exceeded my expectations. In addition, the Slovenian government really cares about students and invests heavily in the education system as can be seen from the various subsidies and bonuses available to students. One of the main bonuses is the subsidised meals.

What language do you use to study? What linguistic problems do you encounter while studying?
Classes are held in Slovenian. Foreign students are given the opportunity to listen to an introductory lecture on each subject and consultations in English. It is interesting that professors do not care what language you use to communicate with them if you demonstrate an acceptable level of knowledge. A large number of professors are flexible with students from the former Yugoslav republics allowing them to communicate in one of the languages of these countries at the initial stage of studies.
At first, listening to lectures in Slovenian can be difficult. Therefore, during the first month, the faculty organises Slovenian courses for beginners, which facilitates adaptation to the new linguistic environment. Over time, it becomes easier. Therefore, one of the advantages of studying in Slovenia is the ability to master the Slovenian language.
Why would you recommend 2TM?
My story of cooperation with 2TM specialists is entirely positive. Thanks to their experience and professional ethics, I was able to enter the study programme of top priority for me. The company’s specialists provided me with all the conditions for enrolling and staying in Slovenia. For sure, if I had not decided to cooperate with 2TM

Andriana Jakovljević

Upisala sam studijski program menadžmenta na Univerzitetu Primorska u Kopru. Odlučila sam se za studije u Sloveniji zbog velikog broja mogućnosti za usavršavanje i napredovanje. Za 2TM sam saznala preko interneta. Svima bih preporučila 2TM kako bi olakšali proces apliciranja i uz prijateljsku pomoć prevazišli stresan period.

Izabela Gojnić

Why did you decide to study in Slovenia?
I decided to study in Slovenia because of a great educational system, which is far better than the ones in the Balkans.

What is the experience of studying in Slovenia so far?
I haven’t really gotten to experience it completely, since I have been here for only 3 months. Nonetheless I am satisfied in general. The workload is quite heavy, but that was to be expected.

Do you study in Slovenian or English language? What are some of the difficulties you encountered while studying in a foreign language?
I study in Slovenian and have been faced with many problems, because I am still learning the language. I am trying hard to overcome the obstacles, but sometimes I just don’t understand everything when I am in a class.
Why would you recommend 2TM?
I’d recommend 2TM because they help with the whole process and with the things you would generally have to do yourself – and not know how to do them (public administrations in my country frequently give out wrong information). 2TM are also efficient and quick to answer every question you may have.

Mina Đorđević

Enrollment at university is a very stressful period and process in itself, even without thinking about the paperwork, documents and permits required when enrolling in a university abroad. Personally, I am a maniac when it comes to caring around my stuff and with 2TM I could focus on my school and successfully passing the graduation exam. Communication was always open and all the information was given to me quickly and efficiently.

1. Can you share with us what you study and how you decided to come to study in Slovenia?

Hello, I am Mina and in the coming year I will study Media and Communications at the University of Primorska. My path to choosing a country and the faculty I will attend was very long. In the second year of high school, I heard from a friend who was on an exchange in Slovenia, about the beauty of Slovenia and that it has great programs for studying. I was very interested and started researching. I came across 2TM through various forums and social networks. At that time, a faculty fair was held in Belgrade. I went with my dad to find out more. I was very openly welcomed and gathered the necessary information to proceed to enrollment. Since then I have been in constant communication with 2TM. Slovenia attracted my attention because I always wanted to study abroad, and I was already enchanted by Slovenia during my excursion visit, and I was very interested in the faculty.
2. Would you recommend 2TM to others and why?

Absolutely. Enrollment at university is a very stressful period and process in itself, even without thinking about the paperwork, documents and permits required when enrolling in a university abroad. Personally, I am a maniac when it comes to caring around my stuff and with 2TM I could focus on my school and successfully passing the graduation exam. Communication was always open and all the information was given to me quickly and efficiently.

Natalija Volarev

Why did you decide to study in Slovenia?
I became interested in studying in Slovenia during my education in 2018, when I was finishing the 4th grade of philology high school in Belgrade. In October 2018 I visited the Education Fair in my city and visited the stand of 2TM from Ljubljana. I inquired in detail about the studies and got specific answers, which helped me to figure out that I am interested in tourism studies.

My parents also helped me a lot with choosing my studies, advising me that Slovenia is one of the former republics of our common country and that it is probably much easier to manage in Slovenia than anywhere else in Europe. At the same time, the diploma and study conditions are almost identical to the European ones. Serbia is not yet in the EU, but Slovenia is, so the diploma is valid everywhere in the world.

What is the experience of studying in Slovenia so far?
I started my studies in Slovenia on 1. 10. 2019. as a full – time student at the Faculty of Tourism Studies – Turistica in Portorož. I am very pleased with the quality of the education system, which offers a wide range of opportunities for advancement. We have the possibility to attend lectures of visiting professors who present topics related to tourism in a very interesting way. One of the more interesting things are the seminar and field exercises we have in groups. Groups are smaller and allow us to develop good teamwork skills. Faculty professors have a lot of understanding for us, foreign students. They are very happy to see that we are working hard and mastering the material.

Do you study in Slovenian or English language? What are some of the difficulties you encountered while studying in a foreign language?
The bachelor programme of Tourism studies that I study is offered exclusively in Slovenian. Knowing this, I attended a Slovenian language course at the Infinitiv school in Belgrade during the summer of 2019 and mastered the basics of language. Also, at the Faculty of Tourism foreign students are enabled to learn Slovenian at the A2 level during the 1st semester. The course is not obligatory, but I did, in addition to the basics I learned in Belgrade, learn a lot of new words at this course that are useful for me to master the study material. I would recommend attending the course once a week in the 1st semester to anyone.
Why would you recommend 2TM?
I would recommend 2TM agency and wonderful Katja to anyone who wants to study in Slovenia, because they simply had all my questions answered. They are very responsible and professional and do whatever is necessary for the student. We quickly and easily agreed and went into the application process and later the college enrolment. I chose the package in which, upon my arrival in Portorož, they helped me to submit my residence permit documents. I have nothing but praise for them!

Slobodanka Grčić

Our recommendations for working with 2TM are sincere and imbued with the most positive expe-riences. When we tell our friends how the enrollment process went, we end with the sentence: “We would not have pushed through all this alone. Thus, with the help of professionals who guided us through the whole process, everything was simple, easy and without a shred of stress!”

Česta pitanja

Are there any entrance exams?

Mostly there are not entrance exams. There are some exceptions, for example art, music and sports programmes, and also for the field of Architecture studies and Dental Prosthetics.

Do I need to pass an IELTS or TOEFL test?

Obtaining the IELTS or TOEFL certificate is not compulsory for Slovenian universities, but many institutions still demand a certificate that proves your knowledge of English.

Is the education in Slovenia free for international students?

Only citizens of the countries of the European Union, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia and Serbia are exempt of paying tuition fees on Bachelor and Master levels of study. The citizens of other countries and all PhD students need to pay tuition fees according to the university guidelines. They have to pay tuition, which ranges from 2000 EUR to 5000 EUR for Bachelor’s degree per year (2 semesters), 2500 EUR to 7500 EUR for Master’s degree per year (2 semesters) and 3000 EUR to 12000 EUR Doctorate/PhD per year according to the university

Can students get a part-time job?

Yes, in Slovenia all foreign students are allowed to work legally. They can find a part-time job at special student services.

How recognized is Slovenian education?

Slovenian educational institutions have a unified accreditation that is valid in most countries of the world. Studying follows the guidelines of Bologna system. The graduates of Slovenian universities build successful careers both home and abroad.

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