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Organisation and Management of Information Systems

  • Degree: Bachelor (3 years), master (2 years).
  • Language: Slovenian.
  • Mode of study: intramural and intramural/extramural.
  • Major: qualified business system manager.

Programme Content

Training of experts with theoretical and applied knowledge in IT technologies and business processes. Students study economic sciences (accounting, management, marketing fundamentals, legal fundamentals, risk management, quantitative research methods, etc.) and take a course in additional subjects related to the IT-sphere (databases, systems analysis, programming, information security, software business solutions, etc.) Theoretical knowledge is complemented by compulsory professional practice, which gives students an understanding of the real work environment and tasks.

Employment Options

  • database administrator;
  • data analyst;
  • system and business analyst;
  • business process manager;
  • IT project manager;
  • IT-consultant;
  • developer of cloud services and information systems;
  • developer of web and mobile solutions.

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