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Transportation Engineering

  • Degree: Bachelor (3 years), master (2 years).
  • Language: Slovenian.
  • Mode of study: intramural, intramural/extramural.
  • Major: transport engineer.

Programme Content

The study programme trains specialists who are able to develop and improve transport systems to ensure the safe and efficient movement of traffic flows.

The programme is divided into 3 modules:

  • A course of general knowledge in various fields — mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, geography and law.
  •  A course in specialised subjects related to road traffic management (transport systems, mechanics, kinematics, vehicles, theory of traffic flows, etc.)
  •  A course of specialised subjects related to transport (traffic safety, planning, transportation technologies, etc.)

Employment Options

  • logistics and transport companies;
  • companies with their own large vehicle fleet (for example, manufacturing or construction companies).

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