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Psychosocial Counselling

  • Degree: Bachelor (3 years), master (2 years).
  • Language: Slovenian.
  • Mode of study: intramural, intramural/extramural.
  • Major: qualified expert in psychosocial assistance, psychologist.

Programme Content

The programme does not imply knowledge of general medicine or psychiatry. The Psychosocial Assistance and Guidance course is provided to train psychologists. The tasks of such professionals are to provide psychological assistance and guidance in difficult life situations, to develop programmes for personal growth and self-development. The study programme helps student develop existing skills and form new ones under the guidance of competent professors within both theoretical and practical classes.

Employment Options

  • social security organisations;
  • educational institutions;
  • institutions for psychosocial rehabilitation;
  • public or private organisations;
  • private psychological practice (only for students with master’s degree).

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