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  • Degree: Bachelor (3 years), master (2 years).
  • Language: Slovenian.
  • Mode of study: intramural, intramural/extramural.
  • Major: qualified physiotherapist.
  • Special requirements: medical examination.

Programme Content

Students are trained by leading specialists and acquire the necessary knowledge in anatomy, physiotherapy, clinical medicine and other specialised subjects. An obligatory part of the study programme is practice, where students get acquainted with the profession and work duties of a physiotherapist. At the end of the training, students must complete an internship, defend a thesis and pass a professional exam for medical professionals. The training takes place in accordance with the standards of the European Union in relation to the profession of a physiotherapist, which makes it possible for a graduate to work in any EU country.

Employment Options

  • medical institutions;
  • research centres;
  • sports facilities;
  • sports teams;
  • rehabilitation centres;
  • nursing homes;
  • private practice.

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