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Digital Art

  • Degree: Bachelor (3 years), master (2 years).
  • Language: Slovenian, English.
  • Mode of study: intramural, intramural/extramural.
  • Major: digital art specialist.
  • Special requirements: passing a creative exam with portfolio and interview.

Programme Content

The main goal is to turn students into independent creative individuals who will work as independent authors or members of creative teams; independently acting professionals, knowledgeable and active players in the world of modern technology, art, media and contemporary society.

Students master optional modules that allow entrance into a narrow area of expertise:

  • animation (animation films, animation in creative industries);
  • video films (feature, documentary, experimental video, feature video);
  • photography (copyrighted, scenic, reportage);
  • new media (creative use of the latest technologies).

Employment Options

  • creative industry (animation films, video films, art video, installation projects, videos for web and TV shows, video and animation graphics);
  • television;
  • work on contemporary art projects;
  • organisation of exhibitions.

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