Germany attracts students from all over the world both for the quality of education and living standards. In 2020, Germany became one of the top three safest countries in the world during the pandemic (according to the Deep Knowledge Group rating). As for the German educational system, it is considered a leader among European countries in terms of the level of preparation for the higher education programs. Being one of the most economically developed countries in Europe, Germany not only provides its students with a high quality education, but also provides universities with advanced technical equipment, which allows students to acquire the best practical skills throughout their studies.

The school curriculum in Germany differs from other countries. Here, schooling lasts 12-13 years. To ensure that foreign high school graduates receive the same level of education as local students, Germany offers them a preparatory program that makes up for this difference. This program is called Studienkolleg. It helps future students prepare for studying at German universities and at the same time maintain the level of knowledge set by German schools, providing all applicants with equal opportunities for subsequent admission to German universities.

How to take advantage of Studienkolleg?

Enter Studienkolleg in Germany and in just 1 year prepare for studying at any state university in the country.

What is required for admission?

  1. school certificate,
  2. proven knowledge of German or English,
  3. pass entrance tests – test and interview.

Studienkolleg enables future students to:

  1. learn the language (German/English) and improve its level,
  2. strengthen knowledge of the subjects of the chosen training profile,
  3. master German educational system,
  4. prepare for and pass the Feststellungsprüfung (FSP) – an exam for foreign applicants, required for admission to a German university.

Successful admission to a tuition-free program of your choice will directly depend on your score on the FSP exams.

How else will a foreign applicant benefit from studying at Studienkolleg?

  1. smooth adaptation to a new country and local life,
  2. the habit of constantly speaking in a foreign language previously studied outside the linguistic environment,
  3. many new friends.

Studienkolleg is compulsory for admission to public tuition-free universities in Germany. However, it is not required for admission to private German universities.

Take advantage of your right to study in Germany for free.

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